Writing skills: Describing places

What is a descriptive essay?

  • Brainstorm your students’ s ideas about places, cities, towns.
  • Revise the needed vocabulary
  • Make students do a mind map or a spidergram that can help them write the description.
  • Assign the writing task.

e.g. Write a short description of your hometown.



Workshop Session #2: Friendship and Love

Friendship is pink,

It sounds like the hum of a heart,

It tastes like a cake,

It smells like a gracious daffodil,

It feels like the softness of a snowdrop.

Fatme, 5th a grade

friendship is pink

First love is blue.

It sounds like a whisper,

It tastes like cranberries,

It smells like a snowdrop,

It feels like delicate daffodil petals.

Fatme, 5th a grade


Friendship is green,

It sounds like dripping water,

It tastes like strawberries,

It smells like a tulip,

It feels like the sand on the beach.

Jasmin, 5th a grade


First love is blue.

It sounds like the sea,

It tastes like candy floss,

It smells like blueberries,

It feels like cotton.


Jasmin, 5th a grade

first love is blue



Friendship is turquoise,

It sounds like the noise of the games,

It tastes like a doner,

It smells like a lily-of-the-valley,

It feels like a violet petal.
Nataly, 5th a grade


First love is light red.

It sounds like the silence,

It tastes like a cheesecake,

It smells like a cherry,

It feels like a soft fluff.

Nataly, 5th a grade


first love is light red


Our final product – a page-flipping book, made with the Ourboox tool.

short and sweet poems origami book